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Trump Remains 2020 Chalk as Dems Consolidate Behind Biden

Incumbent President Donald Trump remains the odds-on favorite to win the 2020 United States Presidential election but has seen his price drop in the face of the Democrat Party field consolidating down to a pair of choices.

The deadly coronavirus, while not President Trump’s fault, has not been helpful to what was a rip-roaring economy. The stock market has had plenty of volatility and dropped due to fears about the virus.

Additionally, the “news” media, which has become an overt propaganda arm of the Democrats, is trying to manufacture the health scare into an economic crisis that they can pin on the President.

Despite all of that Trump remains the solid chalk to be reelected.  Let’s take a look at the vastly shortened field and how the candidates stack up.


2020 United States Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump -180

Joe Biden +164

Bernie Sanders +1256

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

President Donald Trump (-180)

Love him or hate him Donald Trump has a lot of advantages starting with the fact that the last incumbent President to lose an election was George H.W. Bush in 1992.  Since Herbert Hoover lost to Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, only Gerald Ford in 1976, Jimmy Carter in 1980, and the aforementioned Bush lost their reelection bids.

Furthermore, Trump has the largest and most loyal base in politics.  The “Deplorables” will crawl on their bellies through broken glass to vote for the President.  They despise the Northeastern Liberal intelligentsia for their arrogance, corruption, and tone-deaf policies that are seen as anti-American.

Regular mainstream Republican voters, while not always thrilled with the President’s antics, love his results.  The economy is robust, the market is way up since he was sworn in, and a record number of conservative judges are ensconced.  Trump has worked with Mexico to stem the border crisis and has re-done NAFTA to a more favorable deal for the United States.  The President has made America energy independent with the lowest gas prices in a generation.  Finally, more citizens than ever before have found work, including a record number of blacks and Hispanics.

Finally, Trump is unlike past Republicans.  He is not a gentlemanly loser that will sit there with a pouty face and take it.  Trump is a vicious gut-fighter.  In his own words he is a tremendous “counter-puncher.”  Democrats still aren’t used to running against someone who isn’t a human punching bag.  Which goes a long way towards explaining what goes into “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Joe Biden (+164)

This looks like a replay of 2016 when socialist Bernie Sanders showed so well in early primaries that the rest of the field quickly consolidated around Hillary Clinton.  This year Sanders is doing even better forcing the Democrat establishment to quickly rally to the banner of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Indeed, Biden is clearly the establishment’s choice and they will do whatever it takes to push him past the finish line.  Don’t forget the “creative rules” and “super delegates” that were contrived to rig the 2016 Democrat nomination for Hillary Clinton.

The Democrat establishment is terrified of the radical Sanders.  They fear that not only would Trump win over Sanders in a landslide but that down ballot candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives would get wiped out as well.

The problem with Biden is that he is a terrible candidate who flopped miserably in his last two tries for the Presidency.  He is gaffe machine, gas bag, and has his own share of financial corruption issues that Trump will no doubt bring up frequently if he gets the nomination.  Biden’s frequent brain freezes are also concerning.

Bernie Sanders (+1256)

Despite Trump’s strong economy millions of Americans believe that there is too much of a disparity between rich and poor.  They read stories of failed CEO’s getting massive golden parachutes while firing countless regular workers.  They see huge bonuses paid to executives while the employees get a few crumbs.  And they hear Bernie Sanders rant and rave about it all and gravitate to him.  Additionally, these voters believe in the universal health care that Sanders has promised to all.

Yet Sanders is still seen as a radical to millions of voters scared off by his avowed socialism.  They are hesitant to risk the Trump economy for one that would be radically different and perhaps much worse.


The late US President Gerald Ford once said that “Americans vote their pocketbooks.”  As long as the economy stays strong Trump will be difficult to beat.

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Sara Spencer
Sara Spencer
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