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Bookmaker.eu Mobile Review

We love BookMaker.eu, but how well does it work if you’re on the go? Is the BookMaker mobile site a viable alternative to its desktop version? To bet on sports online, mobile functionality is an absolute must today. Let’s check out the mobile version of one of the top betting sites in the world.

BookMaker.eu Mobile Review: How Does It Look?

Once you’ve signed up with this oddsmaker, it’s time to log onto BookMaker.eu mobile. The sportsbook has no dedicated app, so just visit the link in your mobile device’s internet browser. This is where the our review begins.

The general layout looks good. It’s simple, and it shows the most important features at the top of the page, which are the cashier and your account balance.

The only design flaw seems to be the left sidebar menu. It’s hidden, and the yellow button for it (which doesn’t even look like a button) doesn’t initially grab your attention. This also might be one of the most important menus since it contains all the ways you can bet.

Bookmaker.eu Mobile Review

Navigating the Sidebar Menu

One of the reasons BookMaker is one of the best betting websites is the quality of its betting lines. They are among the sharpest in the industry and one of the fastest sites to post. So on the BookMaker.eu mobile version, the left sidebar menu is the way to get at those lines and much more.

Let’s take a look at all the menu options you’ll use:

  • Live Betting: This is probably the main reason gamblers want to use their mobile devices for betting. Here you can see all sports events that are in progress or coming soon. While you’re watching a game, you can go in here to bet on every detail. Whether you want to place a bet that the first batter of a baseball game will strike out or a boxer will get knocked out in the 4th round, you’ll find it here.
  • Pre-Game Betting: Here, you’ll find odds for sports events coming up in the future. You can also place your bets here. If you’re a sports gambler, this will be your home.
  • Racebook: If you’re into horse races, this is where you go to wager on them. You can see all the details here, including the horse, the jockey’s name, or the color of the contestant. The layout is easy to use too.
  • Sport Contests: Here you can enter the streak challenge or the office pools. The streak challenge involves picking a daily winner for several days in a row. The office pools involve buying entries to win a pool. Each entry you buy increases your chance to win.
  • Casino: Here, you’ll find all the casino games you love. On the mobile site, you can play blackjack, video poker, slots and roulette.

You’ll also see a menu option called BetPoints. You can earn BetPoints by betting on the sportsbook and the casino. Eventually, you can redeem these points for cash and other prizes.

Cashing In

Bookmaker.eu Mobile Review

Like most online betting websites, the button for the cashier is right at the top of the page. You really can’t miss it. This is where you deposit money into your BookMaker account or withdraw your winnings.

The different methods you can use are Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, person-to-person money transfer, wire transfer and bank draft. Each deposit method has its own maximum and minimum amount.

Finally, there are a few bonus options you can choose from. If you’re just starting out, choose the Welcome Bonus, which gives you a 15% bonus on your deposit and maxes out at $2,500. To qualify for this bonus, there’s a minimum deposit of $50.

BookMaker.eu Mobile Customer Support

Other than being known as one of the best sports gambling sites, BookMaker is also known for its 24/7/365 customer support. You can call them or chat with them online through their live chat feature.

There’s also a link to provide feedback; on the mobile site, you can access these menus at the bottom of the screen under Resources.

What’s Missing on Mobile?

There are only a few features that aren’t available on the mobile version of the site. The first one is online poker. That’s understandable, since this is a feature that needs to be downloaded to play on the desktop version.

The other features that aren’t available are several casino games: table games, bingo and Keno, and other variations of these games.

In the end, BookMaker.eu mobile is just a simplified version of the desktop site. The navigation is simple, and this is what you would want out of a mobile site. If you’re using BookMaker for its live betting or its speed at posting lines, you’ll absolutely want to check out the mobile version to take full advantage of these features while you’re on the go.

For a full review of BookMaker, visit our detailed review page.

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