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NFL Betting: Latest Odds to Make the Playoffs

With the release of NFL schedule, and the countdown to the 2016 season intensifying, sportsbooks are in overdrive putting NFL odds together for the upcoming season.

So far twelve teams are scheduled to participate in the 2016 NFL playoffs, but only a few of them have a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl championship.

BigOnSports has provided some insights on the teams’ chances of making it to the playoffs, and why you should reconsider shuffling your bets around a little bit. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Darlings

As usual, Seattle, New England and Green Bay have been tagged as the front-runners of the season. With arguably the best quarterback of all times in the NFL’s most feared weapon, Rob Gronkowski, and Tom Brady; it not difficult to imagine why New England has been favored in almost every game this season.

This is also expected to continue in the AFC playoffs, but probability that this may be played in Denver slims the Pat’s Super Bowl chances. As it is, the Pats have a +450 (13 percent probability) chance of coming out on top.

Carolina Panthers comes in closely at -450 after the pats. Having performed exceptionally well in 2015, we don’t expect the Panthers to miss in the 2016 playoffs. I am almost certain the Panthers won’t play on the road this postseason, seeing that they are 8-0 at home, and also having won by an average of 16 points per game.

The Best NFL Bets

Arizona Cardinals

If you’re into NFL betting you may already suspect that the Cardinals might just be the team that makes New England an underdog of the season. Many think it has a pretty good chance in contending for the NFC Championship, and it could just be favored by as much as a touchdown. has tagged the Cardinals odds of making it to the playoffs at a -200 line, which is quite significant if you ask me. One more reason, two reasons actually, why you should place your bet on the Cardinals is the fact that they have one of the best defense lines you can bank on, and secondly, very powerful offense backed up by non other than David Johnson.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints are definitely one of my personal best bets to advance to the playoffs this year, with a promising good value at +250. Despite lacking a neat defense and losing four games, New Orleans finished 7-9 last year, and they are destined to come out better this year, but only if they improve on their defense personnel.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins team seems to be on the edge, although +225 doesn’t seem like bad value for them. If you look closely at the 2016 schedule, you notice things are thick for this guys.

They play New England, Seattle, Pittsburg and Cincinnati before they probably hang their boots in the 8th week. They will need to be strategic and take an early lead especially in the 2nd week when the Panthers will be doing without Tom Brady.

Kansas City Chiefs

I don’t know about you, but I think Kansas City Chiefs are not to be left out in this category. The Chiefs form one of the hottest teams in football, especially after ending the regular season with impressive 10 straight wins.

The big question of course remains whether Alex Smith can win a Super Bowl or not. The potent quarterback plays alongside NFL’s 3rd scoring defense, but would probably have to win at least 3 road games to get to the Super Bowl.

On the Dark Side

Well, you might want to fold your cards on this one. Denver Broncos are not among the Supper Bawl darlings due to their quarterback situation. They have had quite a hurting off-season which saw them drop to the QB position.

They have also been tagged at +350, and the gambling public has shied away with most of them predicting that they don’t have any winning chance against the best three AFC teams. Either ways, I expect some improvement from their last year’s record of 4-12 and at best, compete for the AFC West title.

The Longest Shot

Standing +750, San Francisco 49ers undoubtedly has the longest odds of making it to the playoffs. Most fans and critics blame the coaching style of the relatively new Chip Kelly. There has been no reliable, consistent success in the NFL since his hiring, and you can not expect much this season either.

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