Dancing With The Stars Predictions and Odds: Season 22

Season 23 Dancing with the Stars predictions

The stars, the excitement, the glamor and the glitter are back! A brand new season of Dancing with the Stars returns for Season 22 with an all-new cast competing for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy! What are some of the Season 22 Dancing With the Stars predictions?

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews will take us through what is bound to be another spectacular showcase of different kinds of ballroom dancers. The dancers will hope to impress the judges and score enough points to stay on. However, the audience also has a say in deciding the fate of the dance couples.

What to Know About Dancing with the Stars Odds

In Dancing with the Stars, celebrity competitors are paired up with professional dancers. The ten couples then practice and artfully master the dances assigned to them for each week of the competition. The dance steps are not the easiest to get used to and will push them to the edge as they try to learn them to perfection.

Celebrities featured in the show include musicians, actors, reality stars and athletes, most of who have not had to dance a single time before. We’re still waiting to hear the lineup, but Dancing with the Stars 2016 cast rumors are flying.

The show takes us through the struggles to get it right and the tons of rehearsal time that comes with it. Each week, the couples improve on their dancing skills and the journey is a beautiful one to watch.

As the competition progresses, one never really knows how things will turn out.

The passion and skill poured into the performances usually brings out epic dances that make it a tough call for the judges. The viewers get a taste of the action too as they vote to keep their favorite dance couples going on.

How to Make Your Dancing with the Stars 2016 Predictions

If you’re wondering how to vote for Dancing with the Stars, ABC will make voting available through their website, text messages and a toll free number. After the votes trickle in and the judges finish deliberating, the scores will be tallied. The lowest scoring dance couple will be sent packing and the rest will stay on to continue battling it out.

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