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Sportsbook Review: BetOnline vs 5Dimes

Online sports are fun, but we want to win; it gets competitive. Part of the thrill is working out what offers the greatest advantage, and this means hunting down the best betting websites to play the game.

We’re only looking at the best betting websites here, so let’s pitch BetOnline against 5Dimes.

An easy way to find out which site you might take to best is to compare their pros and cons. Different people like to gamble in different ways. A particular feature on one of the top sportsbooks might blow another completely out the water for one person and have the opposite effect on someone else. Let’s uncover the details that matter to you.

Which Gambling Site to Trust

We recommend you use the biggest and best names in the business to safeguard your money. When a site’s been around for a long time, it comes with a reputation you can check up on when thousands of other players can testify to its legitimacy. For the purpose of our comparison here, BetOnline has almost a decade more experience than 5Dimes:

BetOnline formed: 1991, making the site one of the oldest online bookies

5Dimes formed: 2000, making it old enough to have seen all of this millennium

BetOnline is nearly the oldest sports betting website you can find online. In 1991, Jimmy Connors was still taking centre stage at the US Open and Michael Jordan was hot property on court. The site has been there for a lot of tournaments since then, but 5Dimes is no baby in comparison – the year 2000 is still 16 years ago!

It’s safe to say that both BetOnline and 5Dimes knows how to handle the odd buck or two, so both sites offer reassurance on this front.

Top Tip

No matter how long a site has been running, it’s still important to read the fine print in the terms and conditions for any betting websites you might end up using.

Money Matters

Money Matters

Visit any of the big name sports betting websites and you’ll see offers and discounts. How do these compare between our two sites? Let’s take a look:

  • 5Dimes offers a 50% welcome bonus on the first deposit, up to $520, which is pretty impressive.
  • BetOnline offers a lesser 25% on $100, but wins us over with unlimited reload bonuses.
  • BetOnline offers a 7% rebate on horse bets – all of them.
  • Both bookies offer casino, and BetOnline has more than 100 games.
  • 5Dimes offers lotto options you can’t find elsewhere, like pick 3 or 4 numbers.

Depending on what you like to bet on, you can see where you’ll be in luck. If it’s casino, the choice is yours. You might be tempted by a welcome offer or you might prefer a long-term strategy. The bonuses are all relative, depending on your personal preference.

The Ups and Downs of Virtual Gambling

BetOnline might not be the fastest bookie to post lines, but it is still often five or six hours ahead of most of the competition. This is a compelling reason to use BetOnline over other sites, rather than patiently wait for lines to appear.

Still, you can’t have everything. The biggest criticism of BetOnline is the fact that winners have to pay a fee before they get their money. This is a real drag, but that’s why we list pros and cons – it’s all about finding a site that has a balance you can be happy with.

After The Win

5Dimes may have an advantage having come into the game at the dawn of a tech age. They trade in Bitcoin and eWallets, so they’re ahead of the game in digital currency. If you’re gambling online, it makes sense to handle funds digitally too. You can give it a try with them. BetOnline offers more traditional paper check or Western Union withdrawals.

Gambling On the Go

Gambling On the Go

As technology becomes more fundamental to our online gambling experience, so do the devices we use to access each site. We become more interested to see where digital developments can take us.

Let’s find out how BetOnline and 5Dimes tackle the revolution.

BetOnline Review: Ease of Use

Mobile use has grown every year and is predicted to keep on rising. Online bookies can’t ignore the need to provide sites that work well on smartphones.

BetOnline has a good interface and they actively encourage bettors to use their mobile site. If you haven’t ventured into mobile betting yet, they offer $50 worth of free bets to get you to try it. And they’ve got another triumph under their belt too: Live betting. You guessed it, they offer $25 worth of bets to encourage you to try this feature.

BetOnline is shaping the future and the more people who can help to assess progress, the better. If you want to bet on sports online and love tech, our full review rightly describes BetOnline as a way to go for mobile players of any age and location.

5Dimes Sportsbook Review: Ease of Use

There are no complaints about the 5Dimes interface. However, where BetOnline embraces systems, 5Dimes is the biggest winner when it comes to presentation.

They offer unique betting lines for every sporting event you can imagine. Because of this, their website could be a messy and disorganized disaster.

Instead, it’s one of the most intuitive sites of them all. Anyone looking for choice is not disappointed; you can easily assess the wide range of odds and navigate to the ones you want quickly.

To further extend their desire to fulfil every need, there are seven different account options with 5Dimes offering varying types of rewards. All of these are detailed in the full 5Dimes review.

Live Chat

You might notice that some of the best sports gambling sites also provide a live chat feature. Both BetOnline and 5Dimes offer this service. Whatever the problem, especially if it’s related to payments, it’s always good to get it resolved quickly.

National vs International

While 5Dimes is US-centric, BetOnline welcomes international players. Among the top sites, this gives them a real advantage, since most don’t venture further than the inclusion of Canada.

However, 5Dimes offers Spanish as a language as well as English, thus extending their reach to Central and South America. They also don’t shy away from pro players.

Earn Money Through Appreciation

Both BetOnline and 5Dimes both offer a reward scheme, so you can make extra bucks just by singing their praises:

  • BetOnline offers a reward if you refer a friend to their site. Word-of-mouth referral is the one of the quickest ways for a site to build trust with new users, since it comes recommended. BetOnline acknowledges their customers help in bringing them new players to their site.
  • 5Dimes also likes to show repeat customers that they appreciate their visits. They run a loyalty scheme, which rewards users for sticking with them.

Weighing up the Pros and Cons

Regardless of all the facts, if you can’t get along with the format of a site or it doesn’t offer the games you want to play, you’ll go elsewhere. Luckily, there is something for everyone.

5Dimes is the go-to for big events like MMA and UFC events: this is common knowledge for regulars. Gamblers with a more niche interest area like badminton, for example, usually go with BetOnline.

There are a lot of features that can be overwhelming, so we’ll sum up again the positive aspects of each site, so you can go with your favourite:

Betonline.ag Advantages

Bet Online

  • This is one of the oldest online bookies in the business
  • Welcome bonus and unlimited reload bonuses
  • 7% rebate on all horse bets
  • More than 100 casino games
  • Posts lines much faster than many other good sports books
  • $50 of free bets to try the mobile site
  • $25 of free bets to try the live bet feature
  • Live chat
  • Welcomes international players
  • Refer a friend scheme
  • Offers niche sports and events

Betonline.ag Disadvantages

  • There’s a fee to withdraw winnings

5dimes.eu Advantages


  • Extremely generous welcome bonus
  • Casino, as well as sports
  • Exclusive lotto options
  • Accepts virtual currency
  • Intuitive interface
  • Exceptional range of events to choose from
  • Live chat
  • English and Spanish languages
  • Loyalty scheme
  • First point of call for MMA and UFC

5dimes.eu Disadvantages

  • Not the fastest at posting lines

Any one of these things can prompt a user to write good or bad online sportsbook reviews, depending on their perspective. Thankfully, both of these sites are so well regarded, so there’s not much in it but your own personal opinion.

Read other reviews and comments on BetOnline, 5Dimes and other top betting sites.

John Milton
John Milton
Having worked in the marketing department at two online sports betting sites, John brings his love of sports to serve BigOnSports as chief writer. He will be researching and writing about the sports betting community to improve your experience as a sports bettor.

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