Bookmaker, Bovada , 5Dimes: The Best Online Sportsbooks Reviewed

Best Online Sportsbooks Reviews: Bookmaker, Bovada, 5dimes

Three of the biggest online sports betting sites –, and 5Dimes – collectively have the majority of the U.S. market share with millions of active users.  While Bovada leads in terms of sheer size, which are the best online sportsbooks of the three? Though all of these major hubs for betting on sports online receive BigOnSports’ top ratings for different reasons, and you can bet on sports, casino, horses and poker at each, these sites differ in terms of their top premium features and who they’ll serve best.

If you’re looking for authoritative online sportsbook reviews to decide which of the three largest sports betting sites is best for you, BigOnSports breaks down each brand-name site and their specialties:


Best online sportsbooks Bookmaker reviewWith over 30 years in the business, has been around the longest of the three top betting sites and has a solid reputation. Known most widely for being the book that takes all the sharp ‘wise guy’ action, Bookmaker should perhaps be known best for something else instead: Bookmaker helps set the opening line for the major U.S. sports market. In fact, even Vegas sometimes won’t post its betting odds until Bookmaker does. Their motto is “Where the Line Originates” and many of the other offshore books closely follow their line moves.  

Bookmaker offers access to pre-game and live betting on all the major sporting events that you might want to bet, as well all other types of betting including casino, racebook, and poker.  Bookmaker also offers a 50% welcome bonus – up to $300 and up to 15% bonuses on all future re-load deposits.

Bookmaker offers a loyalty rewards program that awards ‘BetPoints’ for all your betting action, which you can redeem for free plays, Amazon gift cards, free payouts and more.

Bookmaker now also offers free same-day payouts for Bitcoin users, an excellent offer to take advantage of for those many players who have experienced issues cashing their payout checks.

You should sign up for a Bookmaker account if: You’re an active bettor that bets $100 or more per game or are a sharp player that is concerned about getting your limits collared.

Account Details:

  • Mobile betting: Yes
  • Account Minimum: $50
  • Rewards Program: Yes – BetPoints loyalty program
  • Promotion: 50% welcome bonus, up to $300
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The downside?  Bookmaker does not offer membership to its BetPoint Rewards Program for players it deems to be ‘sharp’.

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bovada-logoBovada currently comes in first with the status of the biggest online sports betting site, boasting the most active betting accounts.

How well does this status translate into quality betting offerings?  Bovada is a common household name for a reason; it provides a comprehensive suite of betting products and services for customers. Bodava sports are the most popular, but the site offers top tier casino and poker room software betting as well.  Bovada offers a proprietary gaming software and website that is better than its competitors when it comes to casino and poker.

Bovada’s online presence is strong and you’ll find them mentioned on many media outlets from Bleacher Report to FoxSports. They offer many quirky and interesting sports, entertainment and political props in an effort to gain media exposure that bettors may take advantage of.

You should sign up for a Bovada account if: You’re a casual bettor looking for the best casino and poker room software; if you have trouble making a credit card deposit at other sports betting sites; if you like entertainment-style prop bets.

 Account details:

  • Mobile betting: Yes
  • Account Minimum: $25
  • Promotion: 50% welcome bonus, up to $250
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The downside?  Bovada is not the first to post odds on major sporting events. They frown on winning players they deem to be ‘sharp’ and may collar or limit players.

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5dimes-logo5Dimes is a favorite amongst sports bettors looking for specialty props on more obscure events such as golf, tennis and UFC, as well as reduced ‘juice’ on major sporting events.

For the more casual sports bettor, 5Dimes offers a full suite of betting options, including live betting, casino, racebook, poker, lottery, bingo and mini-games.  5Dimes is consistently rated highly across the board for their unique props on many events and very competitive reduced commissions.

You should sign up for a 5Dimes account if: you’re looking for strong, secure sportsbook that offers reduced commissions (also known as “vig”) and unique props on a variety of sporting events.

Account Details:

  • Mobile betting: Yes
  • Account Minimum: $50
  • Promotion: 50% welcome bonus, up to $520 OR Reduced juice OR Cash back rewards options
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The downside?  Although 5Dimes offers everything that its competitors do, and in some cases even more, their website is extremely outdated and the usability is poor in comparison.

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Biggest Doesn’t Always Mean Best in Online Betting Reviews

Last, a word of caution: just because these are the largest online sports betting sites does not automatically make them the best for betting needs, so be sure to shop around for the best sports books for you.

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