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Sportsbook Review: Bovada vs MyBookie

There’s no denying that you’ve got more options than ever these days when it comes to sports betting websites. The tricky part comes when you’re trying to find the best sports gambling sites out there. When you’re not willing to compromise on user interface, signing bonuses, or any of the other great perks you’ve come to expect, you need the best.

That’s where we come in. We review all the best sports betting sites so you don’t have to. Here’s a showdown between Bovada and MyBookie to see which one deserves your time. If you’re interested, you should also check out our complete reviews of Bovada and MyBookie.

The Trust Factor

High on anyone’s list of essentials for betting sites is trust. You’ve got to know that they have your back when it comes time for your payout. So how do Bovada and MyBookie stack up? First, let’s look at Bovada.

The History of Bovada.lv

The origins of Bovada go back to 1994, when Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre founded Bodog.com. When the company expanded into the US, it changed its name to Bovada. The current domain was established in 2011, but Bovada actually has more than two decades of experience as a top sports betting website under its belt.

In fact, it’s been around almost as long as the internet in its modern form, so you can’t really beat that. That means it’s well-established in the industry and ranks highly on trust. How does MyBookie.ag stack up in comparison?

The History of MyBookie.ag MyBookie Review: Top Sports Betting Sites

There’s no getting around it: MyBookie.ag hasn’t been around for anywhere near as long as Bovada. The site was founded in 2014. So while Bovada is one of the oldest sports betting sites, MyBookie.ag is one of the youngest. But still, that doesn’t make it inherently untrustworthy.

In fact, in its short time on the web, MyBookie has managed to win itself a sterling reputation and ranks number 3 on our list of top sports betting sites. Plus, the team running it has about two decades of experience in the industry. So it’s really not nearly as young as it seems.

If you’re just looking for a site that’s been around a while, Bovada is the site for you. But both sites have proven themselves trustworthy – what else should you consider?

The All-Important Welcome Bonus

When you’re looking to start a new account, there’s no denying that you’re looking for a killer welcome bonus to get your betting started right.

Bovada.lv Welcome Bonus

Bovada has a fairly standard welcome bonus: 50% on up to $250 deposited for sports betting. That means you can expect a maximum of an extra $125 on top of the $250 you deposit to get started. That’s nothing to scoff at, but that’s probably exactly what MyBookie does when it sees that welcome bonus.

MyBookie Welcome Bonus

That’s because MyBookie offers the most generous welcome bonus in the industry. The bonus is a full 100% of deposits, up to $1,000. That’s simply massive. If you start off with a deposit of a full $1,000, you can expect to earn another $1,000 on top of it, just to get you started. Imagine how much you could earn with $2,000 in your account? With MyBookie, you won’t have to wonder for long.

Okay, so there’s no denying here that MyBookie has a major advantage when it comes to welcome bonuses. So what does Bovada have to keep it in the running? We’re glad you asked.

The Usability Factor

Bovada.lv Mobile App and Site Review

That’s the thing about sports betting websites: You’ve got to actually use them. All the welcome bonuses in the world ultimately can’t make up for slow payouts, frustrating design, or a lack of support for major credit cards. How do these two do?

How User-Friendly Is Bovada?

As far as pure style and usability, Bovada gets solid rankings, but nothing that’s going to blow you away. The site is fast, stable, and has a stylish black design. As for the interface, it uses a bet slip-style platform.

It also has an awesome live betting platform, letting you place bets in the middle of all kinds of sports events. But of course, usability goes far beyond simple visuals. There’s also the question of how you use the actual site. That boils down to payments and payouts.

So what does Bovada offer? First, and very importantly, Bovada works with more types of credit cards and digital currencies than anyone else in the business. It works with bitcoin (with exceptions), Visa, and Mastercard.

Unfortunately, however, there is a 4.9% processing fee on credit card deposits (though this is waived for your first deposit). So while Bovada is flexible, it’s got that annoying fee you can’t really avoid.

What About MyBookie?

Personally, I prefer the website style of MyBookie to Bovada. The design is a bit more modern and user-friendly. The color scheme is pretty similar to Bovada but if I’m going to look at one for a while to place my bets, I’ll take MyBookie. But what about usability?

As far as credit cards and other payment options go, MyBookie is just okay. Of course Visa and Mastercard are accepted, along with bank transfers, money transfers, and cashier’s checks.

What’s not accepted, however, is Discover, and more importantly, online currencies like Bitcoin. Okay, that’s only half true: You can make deposits with Bitcoin, but not withdrawals (more on that later). Considering the rising popularity of online currencies among people looking to bet on sports online, this is a real downside.

Still, not having a 4.9% processing fee for credit cards, as Bovada does, is nice. So that’s one consideration. Of course, while you’ll have to deposit money with these options, the best part is the payout. How do Bovada and MyBookie handle that area of online sports betting?


This is one area where Bovada really shines. Payouts are extremely fast and straightforward, even by industry standards. You can get payouts via regular check, Western Union, or Moneygram.

The fees for these payouts are also lower than most of their competitors. Still, be aware that the fees vary based on how much you’re withdrawing, and these fees can change, so it’s best to check before you withdraw your winnings.

MyBookie’s payout system works in a similar way. Bitcoin, for example, can also only be used for deposits and not for withdrawals. And like Bovada, the available payout methods are Western Union, Moneygram, checks, and bank wires. Unfortunately, these are all more expensive than using bitcoin, so this is a mark against both Bovada and MyBookie.

Be Aware!

One major difference between these two sites is MyBookie’s policy against “sharp” betting. IE, professional gamblers. The site has an explicit policy that it’s designed only for casual gamblers and not for professionals. The question is, how do they know? In short, if you’re doing extremely well, you may run into a problem. For more clarity, here’s the exact wording of their statement on this issue:

“MyBookie is a world class sportsbook that caters specifically to recreational gamblers. We do not accept wagers from professional bettors, sharp side movers, syndicate or propositional players. MYB reserves the right to deny action or payments at any time. If any of these activities occur, then all plays will be void and the original funds will be sent back to the player.”

Bovada, by comparison, doesn’t have any similar policy.

Loyalty Programs

Bovada is a bit light on the ground here. On top of the welcome bonus we mentioned, they have similar welcome bonuses for poker and casino games (100% for poker, up to $500, and 100% for casino, up to $1000).

MyBookie, on the other hand, has a much more developed customer loyalty program – and frankly, it’s awesome. You get 25% bonuses on reloads if you’re an established member, 10% bonus on reloads for everyone else, and a 10% bonus for referring a friend.

There’s really no contest here. When it comes to loyalty programs, MyBookie has Bovada beat.

Mobile Sports Betting

This is one of those categories that didn’t even exist in the world of online sports betting not so many years ago. Now, it’s essential. A fast, reliable, and easy-to-use mobile site or an app is a must for any of the best sports betting sites out there. How do these two do in this category?

Bovada opted for an optimized mobile-friendly site instead of a dedicated app. What does that mean, exactly? Well, for one there’s no downloading involved. Sure, there might be less functionality than an app, but that’s changing fast these days.

The situation is essentially the same for MyBookie. They have an excellent mobile-friendly site which allows you to do everything you’d do on a desktop quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking for casino games, poker, live betting on sports, or setting up payouts, you can do it all here. In this area, it’s essentially a tie between these two sites.

What About Casino Games and Other Extras?

The good news here is that both sites have quite a lot to offer. They each have a huge variety of casino games, although Bovada’s casino and poker options are particularly well made and user-friendly. Besides that, you get the usual lineup of sports, from golf, NFL football and college basketball, all the way down to the Olympics, MMA, and motor sports.

Bovada vs MyBookie: The Pros and Cons

Ultimately, how do these two site add up? There’s no doubt they’re both worth your time, but they also undoubtedly have their own unique advantages. Let’s look at a breakdown of each.

Bovada.lv Advantages

  • A solid welcome bonus for sports
  • Casino and poker with welcome bonus
  • More than 300 casino games
  • Exclusive odds and sports features not found elsewhere
  • Fast payouts
  • The highest rate of acceptance for credit cards you’ll find
  • Single account for sports and all other games
  • Bet slip interface design
  • Live betting on mainstream events
  • A great mobile site

Bovada.lv Disadvantages

  • Slow at posting lines
  • No Live Chat feature
  • Low wager limit for pro players
  • No payouts through Bitcoin
  • 4.9% processing fee for deposits from credit cards

MyBookie.ag Advantages

  • Excellent customer service
  • An amazing welcome bonus
  • A great loyalty program
  • Casino games and poker options
  • A well designed and user-friendly site
  • A fully functioning mobile site

MyBookie.ag Disadvantages

  • Pro players not allowed
  • No payouts through Bitcoin

It pays to shop around for the best sports betting sites. If you’re still evaluating your options, check out our other bookmaker reviews.

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