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Sportsbook Review: TopBet vs BetOnline

If you’re struggling to decide where to bet your money, we’ll help you make a decision or two. Let’s start with some of the top betting websites that online gamblers already know and love: TopBet and BetOnline.

These are two of the ultimate names in online sports, so you’re guaranteed a professional site whichever you choose. But just like betting tips, some of the nuances between sites will simply be more attractive to you than others.

Take your chances on a number of different sites, or settle on a sports betting website for the long term – we’ll help you find out which site suits you best.

Welcome to Online Sports Betting

Online sports bet

If you’ve been scouting around for the best sports gambling sites you’ll already have seen there are bonuses galore. Every site owner is keen to get you onboard and, to do this, they present all manner of offers to get you through their virtual doors.

Let’s check out the welcome bonus from our two top sites:

TopBet Welcome Bonus

This popular site offers a 50% bonus on a deposit up to $500. That’s pretty generous. On top of this, they really spoil new players if they lose – yes, lose! – their first wager. If your first bet leaves you feeling like all the best betting tips you ever learned have failed you, TopBet picks you right back up with another bet up to $100 – for free.

BetOnline Welcome Bonus

You get a 25% welcome bonus on a deposit up to $100 with BetOnline. This is money for nothing and not to be sniffed at. Better still, you get an unlimited reload bonus as well.

Once You’re Inside

Now you’ve signed up and got your welcome bonus, how do you know these gambling sites are trustworthy? No gambler wants to get stung by a con artist, on or offline, so it’s important to choose wisely where you bet your money. That’s why we’re only recommending the best.

History Can be Important

BetOnline is very well-established and considered among experts to be one of the good sports books. The site has been going since 1991, so it’s no spring chicken. The Nevada Gaming Commission says $3.2 billion was bet in the nation’s casinos in 2011 alone, so we can’t even imagine how much money BetOnline has handled over the course of the past two decades.

Still, if you bet on sports online, it’s always important to check the credentials of a site. TopBet was itself subject to closing down in its earlier days after working with a payment processing firm called FutureBet.

It turned out some of the winning payments weren’t making their way through, which landed TopBet in seriously hot water as a result of its partner’s actions. TopBet re-launched in 2012 without FutureBet and went on to build up a reliable reputation that it upholds today.

Which is the Best Sports Betting Site?

Well, it depends which sports you prefer. Both TopBet and BetOnline provide all the usual staple sports, like football and baseball, but you might prefer something less mainstream. Not all online betting sites support niche sports like badminton or volleyball, but for some gamblers, these sports are bigger than the Superbowl. Those people will be happy to know that both of these review sites offer odds on niche sports.


If it’s horses you love, BetOnline is the site for this. No BetOnline sportsbook review is complete without mentioning the site’s impressive 7% rebate on all horse bets.

Novelty Bets

If you’re not a devout sports fan, or prefer a low-pressure bet, TopBet has an exciting offer  for those who just want a bit of fun with the books.

For example, if you love movies as much as you love gambling and you’ve seen all the best movies ever made about gambling, put your wits to the test. You can bet on things like which actor gets the role in an upcoming movie and all sorts of novelty prop bets. For anyone with a cult interest or lucky sixth sense when it comes to making predictions, this can be a winner.

Who Can Play?

If you’re an American citizen, both sites can serve your needs. However, BetOnline.ag reviews can come from all over the world, since they welcome international players too. That’s great news for anyone who lives outside the US.

Mobile Devices

sport betting on mobile

Statistica.com reports that in 2016, there are an estimated 207.2 million mobile users globally, an increase from 62.6 million in 2010. That number is predicted to grow to almost 240 million by 2019.

Needless to say, the best online sports gambling sites simply have to provide a mobile site that’s fast, reliable and intuitive. Both TopBet and BetOnline do this, and BetOnline even offers $50 worth of free bets for you to try out their mobile site for the first time. Perform all major betting functions on your mobile device, so you can gamble on the go.

Customer Support

To better support their international players, BetOnline offers a live chat service, which TopBet doesn’t. Live chat is handy for all registered users, wherever they live, especially if there’s an urgent question about money – it helps to get an immediate answer through a messaging service.

Tell Your Friends

In a further bid to extend their user base, BetOnline also offers a refer-a-friend scheme, so players can earn rewards just by telling their buddies about the site.

Claim Your Winnings

Some of the online betting websites like 5Dimes accept digital currency, such as BitCoin. Neither TopBet or BetOnline offers this option yet. However, both can pay out via old-fashioned paper check, or Western Union if you prefer a money transfer.

Winners have to pay a small fee to BetOnline to claim their money. However, TopBet users have to pay a small fee to place some bets. In terms of comparison, this means both sites have a fee policy that’s naturally unfavorable to gamblers.

Are TopBet and BetOnline Top Sportsbooks?

Both TopBet and BetOnline both come highly recommended:

  • Neither of them is pushing boundaries in digital currency and neither is first to post lines, but both are reliable.
  • Their interfaces are easy to use with a range of sports on offer.
  • TopBet has a straightforward sign-up process and there are no complaints about mobile either.

Let’s go over the details for each site once more to establish which of these features are most important to you:

TopBet Advantages


  • Generous welcome bonus at 50% on a $500 deposit
  • Bet up to $100 free if you lose your first wager
  • Straightforward sign-up process
  • Payment by check or money transfer
  • Good mobile site
  • Supports US players
  • Supports niche sports like volleyball
  • Fun bets on novelty features like actors and movie roles

TopBet Disadvantages

  • Checkered past using FutureBet
  • No live chat feature

BetOnline Advantages


  • Unlimited reload bonus
  • 7% rebate on every horse bet
  • Payment by check or money transfer
  • Good mobile site
  • Live chat feature
  • Welcomes international players
  • Supports niche sports like badminton
  • $50 worth of bets for free when you use the mobile site for the first time
  • $25 worth of free bets if you try out the live chat feature
  • Refer-a-friend scheme to earn rewards

BetOnline Disadvantages

  • Smaller welcome bonus than TopBet (25% on $100 deposit)
  • Gamblers pay a fee to retrieve winnings

Read a Sportsbook Review or Two

It’s important you thoroughly research any betting website you consider using; this is your money you’re playing with, after all. An easy way to do this is by looking at online reviews. Find out what both pro players and amateurs think about different online sports betting sites, or find out if your experience is in contrast to theirs.

Overall Winner

There’s no hard and fast rule on which site is crowned champion because different sites appeal to different players. Still, it’s a helpful tactic to make sure you use the right site for the right game. Try anything to up your odds of winning.

Check out More Reviews

After you’ve checked out the best sites and have a few favorites, measure them up against one another to see which comes out top.

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John Milton
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